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Udos Oil & Injury Recovery

My Good Friend John Buckland has kindly agreed to share his training diary with Kettlebelltrainer, detailing his journey over the last 6 months.


Please see below the first of a series of articles detailing his recovery, from initial injury to full recovery!


After suffering a horrible injury to his right arm John Buckland keeps a diary of how his recovery is going and puts Udo's Oil to the test.


November 2009 Entry



Whilst training, I painfully gained another experience to add to those I have already chalked up over the years - I tore my bicep.

Apparently only 5% of all bicep ruptures occur at the elbow. So I heard the usual shearing and tearing noise which accompanies such an event and the subsequent swelling and pain.

It turns out I am one of the unlucky 17% of the population who has an a/c joint that angles downwards towards the Shoulder joint closing up the space in which the tendons run, increasing the likelihood of impingement. I therefore had the additional pleasure of shoulder surgery.

Due to one thing and another the time that elapsed between tearing my bicep and having reconstructive surgery was around 7 weeks, so I had already lost significant size in my upper arm. In this time period I continued to lift, dumbbell bench press, and shoulder press and over hand grip deadlift, squats etc - lifts where the bicep doesn’t play a key role.

It’s now been 2 weeks since having surgery and I fully expected to be in a cast for 6 weeks, which would keep my arm bent. However, I am pleased to say I am ahead of the game, being in a sling which allows some elbow movement.

I am still using JB grippers and am training legs, with leg extensions, leg press, Hamstring curls and calf raises, using as much weight as I can but aiming for 15- 20 reps per set. Keeping reps high and working in a HIT style in an attempt to keep my calorie burning up. The shoulder is sore which has stopped me squatting




As for my diet I am eating reasonably clean, as getting fat is not acceptable... period! So I am watching my intake. I am really guzzling the essential fats, the omega 3, 6 & 9. I am a strong believer in essential fats ( EFA's) and as such only eat the best, none of this margarine with added omega 3. UDO's oil blend is the best you can get and I am downing a bottle a week.

Essential fatty acids (EFA's), linoleic acid and Alpha-linolenic acid are essential (hence the name) for optimum human health. And our body requires us to consume these daily and in the right ratios.

The Omega oils, found in Udo's oil, are essential for energy production, regulation of cell functions, healing of tissue injuries, sprains & bruises. Essential fats increase metabolic rate, increase stamina, substantially shorten the time required for fatigued muscles to recover after exercise, facilitate the conversion of lactic acid into water and carbon dioxide and reduce inflammation. Now this last point is the most interesting for me. EFA's modulate and mediate the inflammatory pathway and through a series of complex biological functions reduce inflammation. This is why I am using so much right now. I have used Udo's like this before, during times of injury, nothing quite as serious as this but it did improve my healing and recovery time.

To this end I decided not to take any pain killers at all and have not taken any anti-inflammatory drugs at all. So I am really putting UDO's oil to the test.

Along with my UDO's I am using Beyond greens another Superfood made by Udo and getting plenty of Protein down my neck, with chicken, fish, some steak and protein powder too.


Stay Tuned for the next article describing the journey John took until reaching fully recovery and how Udo's oil played a key part in improving his progress.


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