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Kettlebell Trainer are a group of Elite Coaches, Personal Trainers and Health Care Professionals, delivering Strength and Conditioning coaching for competitors and athletes and Personal Training for fitness enthusiasts in Solihull, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

The benefits of Osteopathic treatment

As a Strength athlete and Strength coach, I have always understood the importance of training correctly, in a safe environment, utilising multi joint, compound movements with a full range of motion.

This approach over the last fifteen years has led to the avoidance of injuries for me as an athlete, as well as my clients and athletes. We have developed lots of people over fifthteen years and we have ensured muscle imbalances are avoided and any pre existing issues, from incorrect training methods previously completed are rectified. We recognise that injury prevention, is more important than injury rehabilitation, as an underlying injury can impact the development and potential of an athlete. Over the  years we have worked with many health care practitioners and manual therapists who have helped. But until now, we have not found anybody, who shares our philosophies and views the body as a whole unit and we then met with a local Osteopath. Osteopathy differentiaties itself from other health care practitioners and manual therapists, as Osteopaths will treat the body as a whole unit. Osteopaths can help to diagnose your injury or complaint and identify area's that may have predisposed the patients body to injury patterns, such as muscle imbalances (weakness or tension), joint restrictions, reduced range of movement in the spine and peripheral joints of the body.

This approach has alot of synergies, with our own experiences and ideologies so it is something we would strongly reccomend to all atheltes, competitors and fitness enthusiasts. If you are in the west midlands or warwickshire and you want to visit an excellent Osteopath, contact




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