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Ryan Wignall Interview

How old are you Ryan and how long have you been a personal trainer?


I am 20/21 August 5th,i gained my level-2 when I was 17 then done my level courses when I was 18 I have been training people for just under 4years of experience in training clients.


What interested you in becoming a personal trainer?


It was the fact I could make a difference in peoples’ outlook and perception of themselves and of fitness in general, combining the correct nutrition and exercise to help clients reach their goals, with some people it’s just to feel better in themselves gaining back their self confidence through fitness others it’s their general fitness level as a high percentage of the population work in a 9-5 job where they find it hard to become self-motivated after a busy day but as a trainer you can motivate your client allowing them to forget the stress of the office.


Do you have a competitive sporting background?


I have played Youth-Handball at county level until I was 17. I have played American football for two teams

in which both teams have since folded due maintaining team numbers,  both teams I trained and played at for several  months finally training with Chester Romans a division-two team but found it hard to keep up with the training as I work two out of three weekends which I found hard to find cover.


Do you still play sports and what sports do you enjoy playing?


Yes within college as myself and class mates get assessed on are coaching and performance within sessions I play sports various sports 3-4times a week ranging from football, badminton, tennis, netball, basketball, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball etc


Do you set yourself goals to keep in shape?


I have set goals/targets that in which I want to participate in from June-Sept prior to university as I am looking to play for their American football team although I possess a good level of fitness I would rather be in best shape as possible prior to the trials as I have fair amount of college assignments at the moment so finding time when I have college, assignments and work its rather inadequate for effective training its more maintaining my fitness level through training/sports within college until I finish through mid/end of May.


How many times do you train per week?


Like mentioned I play sports 3-4 times in college but I also have individual fitness instructing in which we take an participate in training sessions which myself and class mates have designed. On top of this several days I do a   full body training session in the college gym.


What do you do in your spare time to  relax?


Spare time I read fitness articles pertaining to anything and everything that catches my attention

A lot of what I have been reading over the last few months is based upon relative strength in which I have devised my own relative standards and sprint training looking at HIIT and American football training as am looking to design a 12week programme for June in which relative strength is my goal increasing speed/anaerobic endurance through HIIT


What qualifications do you have has a personal trainer?


I have level-2 fitness instructor, level-3 advance fitness, level-3 nutrition & weight management, BWLA strength & conditioning. UKSCA strength & conditioning


What did you think of the KB qualification you did with us and would you recommend it?


The course has clear points for compound exercises the foundation of a training session, utilizing multi-muscle multi-functional exercises in which reduces potential of injury but increase the Potential of success.


Was the KB qualification useful in developing your skill set and benefit how you trained your clients?


The course gave me a better understanding of what is effective in which I could further add to with knowledge and practise.


How did Kettlebelltrainer's course differ from other courses you have completed?


Compared to instructor courses I took prior KB course was more practical which is what your aim is as a PT or a strength  coach you may explain your points but practical teaching is most effective participating during coaching points.


Are you planning to complete any more Kettlebelltrainer courses?


I plan to gain as many qualifications as I possibly can, showing my dedication to the industry not just holding a few qualifications and saying I have heard or tried that before but yes I have heard of that I have a qualification within it my qualifications will be specific to my career goal.


Where are you based?


 I am based in Liverpool soon to be Sheffield


What type of facility do you work from?


At the moment my I am not training people as much as I would like to due to college and work but September will be a new start for me, I train people in work at the moment but that is general training not to the standards that I would like to due to facilities equipment, I am also teaching within college which keeps me sharp pertaining to coaching both sports and physiologically wise.


How many 1-2-1 sessions do you teach a week?


Within in work I do a few 1-2-1 sessions for people in college


What is your preference 1-2-1 sessions or group sessions?


I prefer 1-2-1 in which I can give a client my undivided attention giving them there moneys’ worth  as people are looking for more bang for their buck so if can help them progress within their fitness goals its more positive and looks better on you and the company you work for as reputation is everything


Do you believe a client can get as good focus from a group session as a 1-2-1?

It depends on the goals, if it was based on myself teaching a general fitness or coaching a course in which everyone is learning the same and can work at their own pace which I would over look but personally I feel 1-2-1’s give the best focus especially as a PT although group sessions can be effective when people participate based on similar fitness level i.e. taking group 1 who are novice and group2 later that day who are intermediate.


How do you assess your clients when initially performing a consultation, what tests and information do you take off them?


Firstly Utilize a PAR-Q get general information about them and their lifestyle then based on their goals I will ask them to participate in fitness tests that pertain specifically to their goal i.e. they want to increase their endurance level knowing they do run a few times per week but don’t know who to progress I would ask them to participate in a multi stage fitness test and/or a run of a specific distance pending on their overall goals. Using results as standards in which together can create short and long term goals



What demographic split do you have with your clients, i.e. women, your women, mothers, older women, men, older men, athletes?


For each person I would look at standards in fitness for their age and sex but as long as they feel my training is giving them the gains or losses their looking for in which training is most effective it wouldn’t be a factor ad heavily rely on unless they asked as my aim is for them to reach their goals not goals set by national statistics.


Do you train different type of clients differently, or train them all on an individual basis?


I train clients differently if the training calls for it i.e. endurance training and strength training, when training two separate athletes for same goal several factors may a crop such as height weight anthropometrics in which position in certain exercises may vary but each client will trained for their goal pending factors differentials will and may occur.


What are main principles of training and what methods do you utilise with your clients?


Specificity, overload, adaptation, recovery and reversibility

 Each client will have specific goals in which the training I prescribe and teach will be specific, overload will occur simultaneously throughout training allowing clients to further and develop as overload and adaptation go hand in hand as positive overload allows for adaptation in which clients training with heavier resistance, greater intensity, longer distance etc


How to you monitor your client’s progress?


Results in previous sessions and tests depending on their goals will would of derived short and long term goals with clients


Do you set goals for your clients using SMART


Yes, it’s really effective maintains motivation as their goals are specific and they can see as the weeks pass where they are at based on the time frame set so if they are not happy they can say am at this point I should be at this point or think I was supposed to be at phase 2 but am at phase 3 that would be due to their dedication to the programme


How often do you use kettlebells?


I do use kettlebells but work facility does not have them but my college does in which I have taken several sessions with them as I feel their good for muscular endurance working the core with a good intensity as they require a lot of stabilization


Do you view Kettlebells as a fad or an integral part of training?


I think there a good part of training I think they slowly dropped out the lime light as people did not understand them years back but no people have done studies and articles showing relevance for using them in training people are more comfortable integrating them in training


How do you see the fitness industry evolving in the next 2 years?


It will evolve substantially over next few years one reason being the Olympics and its publicity as many National governing bodies have designed and re-designed there development programmes to increase potential of elite athletes in sports increasing the need for fitness coaching in which the government will maintain and increase the standards of the public’s health during this simultaneously


What are your goals as fitness professional?


I am looking to get triple Distinction in my course at the moment after this I am participating in a BSc in sports science and performance coaching after this a MSc in sports science or strength and conditioning then a PhD in kinesiology simultaneously I would like to obtain my UKSCA accreditation and an internship as a Strength and Conditioning coach while studying. Training wise I am looking to play in the BUAFL which is British Universities American Football League hopefully if I reach a high standard within the sport I can get trials for GB Lions team playing in the European league EFAF. I would like to pertain my skills and knowledge to contact and combat sports such as MMA training, American Football, Rugby amongst others.


Thanks for your time Ryan.



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