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Royal Marine Testimonial

After being introduced to Kettlebells in 2005 at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, I have strived to learn more about them and become an accomplished Kettlebell instructor. Being a physical training instructor in both the Royal Marines Reserve and for Babcock International Group, when I was given the chance to go on the KBTEducation all-round S&C Level 1 course I couldn’t refuse.

The course involved a brief introduction to the team (Sam and John) and how the course was going to run. Then straight into an interesting short but effective warm up. We were then taught the techniques and practiced them until everyone on the course were happy to move on. The instruction was very good and the team created a positive friendly environment in which to learn the techniques. The team were also very free with their knowledge. By that I mean they would always add information or techniques that were not part of the level 1 course but more advanced level 2 and 3 content.

Day 1 of the course consisted of the Olympic Lifts and Power Lifts.

Day 2 consisted of the Kettlebell work which included a conditioning circuit and the practical assessment.

For the assessment we were asked to teach 1x Olympic lift, 1x Power lift and 1x Kettlebell exercises. We were then given 2 weeks to produce a 4 week S&C programme for the sport of your choice.


After completing the level 1 course with my colleagues, we implemented 2 of the programmes that we produced in to our training. After 8 weeks of training I noticed a vast improvement in my ability to perform the lifts. I also noticed that my physical appearance had improved.

So I booked myself onto the S&C level 2 course in Portsmouth with the Field Gun world record holders.

The format of the course was exactly the same as the level 1 course:

Day 1 – Olympic/Power lifts in the morning. Speed training and Plyometrics in the afternoon

Day 2 – Advanced Kettlebells and a roaring conditioning circuit in the morning with the practical assessment in the afternoon.

The assessment again consisted of three exercises. One from each element taught previously on the course.  1x Olympic/Power lift, 1x plyometric movement and 1x Kettlebell technique. This time the theory assessment was an 8 week programme incorporating everything taught on both S&C level 1 and 2 courses.

Once again the instruction was up to its usual standard and the whole team (Sam, John, Emma and Simon) were again free with their knowledge adding more value to the course. In addition the whole course were given a bottle of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Blend Oil (ask John about it) which was a nice gesture. Information surrounding the product was given allowing an informed choice with regards to using supplementation.

So having completed the S&C level 1 and level 2 course, the next stage would be to complete the level 3 course.


Both level 1 and 2 courses were run professionally, delivering quality instruction in a relaxed and positive environment, which made them fun to be part of. Any questions were answered in detail and in a way that made it easy to understand.

I would highly recommend both courses to my colleagues and anyone interested in Strength and Conditioning and Kettlebell  training.


Steve Rivett

Physical Training Instructor,

Royal Marines Reserves and Babcock International Group

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