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Pull-ups: The missing link

Pull ups

Well Comrades its been nearly 17 years since I have been performing Pull-ups and what an experience it has been. They have increased my functional strength, increased my muscular size and improved my punch power, arm wrestling ability and they have nearly got me arrested!

If you are still thinking, Why should I perform them? Well everyone else who is serious about training is doing them, so you should be to! Why you say? Well Olympic lifters, Powerlifters, Boxers, Wrestlers and Just about everyone has performed them at sometime in their athletic career.

Athletes from Linford Christie too Bruce Lee have performed them with great results, So if Pull-ups are the missing link in your training routine, then start doing them NOW!

If you are still not convinced then think about Charles Poliquin's Take on Pull-ups. He sees them as the equivalent of an upper body squat! Still not convinced?

Here is a list of the muscles used, when performing pull-ups or chin-ups:


Target Muscles


Dynamic Stabilizers (Provides stabilisation during compound movements)


NOW, if you are not convinced that Pull-ups are not a great exercise, you never will be! Ok Comrades, enough of the motivational chat. Let's get down to business. Firstly we will concentrate on a routine for Comrades who want to improve their numbers. However this routine will not just improve your numbers it will also improve your limit strength.


Routine 1 Functional Isometric Contractions



Perform twice a week max.

Perform 3 sets of the following.

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