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Improve your strength and condition your body with our range of hollow Kettlebells.




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John Brookfield Kettlebell 12kg



Hollow steel, black powder-coated, with thick handles. Fillable to 32kg

John Brookfield Kettlebell 16kg



Hollow steel, black powder-coated, with thick handles. Fillable to 50kg


A John Brookfield Hollow fillable kettlebell gets heavier as you get stronger

Training with an empty JB Kettlebell is just like training with a solid kettlebell, but when you fill it with shot it becomes a completely different animal. If you have only used solid kettlebells, you haven't experienced anything like training with a hollow filled kettlebell. Why? Because of the dynamic nature of the JB Kettlebell and the constant movement of the weight inside creating kinetic energy and shock loads.

Putting it simply, it is like a passenger travelling in a car without a seatbelt. If the car hits an object and comes to a sudden halt, the passenger continues to move forward. Inside the JB Kettlebell, the filler moves with the kettlebell, but when the kettlebell stops, the filler continues to move - this is Constant Moving Changing Tension.

Hollow fillable kettlebells were used by the legendary strongmen of old - World's Strongest Man Eugene Sandow, and the great Arthur Saxon whose lift "The Two Hands Anyhow" of 448lbs has never been equalled.

Why train the John Brookfield way with JB Kettlebells?
Answer: If you are going to follow a strength training programme, it makes sense to follow one of the strongest men in the world. Follow the man who World's Strongest Man, Phil Pfister calls "a hero and inspiration" and who Jouka Ahola calls "the real world's strongest man".

Some of John Brookfield's achievements:


JB Kettlebell Filler's

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