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KBT Coach Simon Greenwood takes on Kilimanjaro

KBT Coach Simon Greenwood, will shortly be taking on Kilimanjaro!

See the below update from Simon, please go to his link and give generously.

This is for a good cause and all money will be donated to raising money for Polycycstic Kidney Disease.


Kilimanjaro will be my hardest challenge yet. Over the 8 days we climb only 5km a
day enabling us to adjust to the altitude gradually, not much can prepare you for
altitude sickness so I've been swatting up and every method I can to help prevent
it. My gym sessions are intense, I'm sticking with my heavy lifts but incorporating
a lot of kettlebell/body-weight circuits to help develop a greater lung capacity and
general fitness. I run regularly so in order to give my legs a fighting chance on
the mountain ive been hitting the hill sessions hard and also completed the 3 peaks
24hr challenge in july to dust off my hiking legs.

As a whole my preparation is going well for the event and hope to enjoy every step
knowing that my training has given me that extra drive I need to get me to the top.

Please take the time to read my sponsorship page and donate generously.

Kind Regards

Simon Greenwood

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