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John Brookfield Grippers

Whether you’re an athlete or a grip junkee, improving your supportive grip, crushing and pinch grip has an excellent carryover to your general training and sporting performance.

I have been training grip for sometime and have successfully closed a 280Ib gripper. As part of achieving this I worked very hard with JB Kettlebells and the JB Gripper.

What I liked about the John Brookfield Gripper, in comparison to other Grippers, was the adjustable handles. This allowed me to increase and decrease the leverage and thereby in crease the poundages. It  is also excellent for doing assisted partials, Isometrics and eccentrics which are all well known techniques to super charge your strength!

Check out the below video of me using the JB D, which is a 125 – 250IB gripper!



If you are looking for a unique Gripper that will take you to the next level, Contact us or go to our shop for more information on pricing.

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