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180kg Raw FULL Back Squat

After many months of hard work,I decided to put my Brother Jeff, through his paces on the Back Squat. Jeff has always been a very explosive athlete, with a 34" Vertical Jump, which helped him become very succesful as a BMX Pro.

He has also had good maximal strength, but this was outshone by his explosive strength, so over the last 6 months we have worked on this for his Olympic lifting comps.

He is now Very Strong in all areas and continues to impress people, whilst defying doctors who have said injuries he has sustained would prevent him.

Check out the video below, this shows not just a great squat, but the power of the mind, of a very strong and determined person, who will NEVER Quit!

Keep up the good work Jeff, You will get a Masters Weightlifting title that you deserve!



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